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Electric Fun Fly 8/25/01
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1st place scale
Pat Taggart
(see footnote 1)
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1st place 
Zagi Combat
Adam Kraut
no picture)

2nd place
Zagi Combat
Rusty Neithammer
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1st place Elexaco and
1st place Elexaco Mass Launch
Dave Harding
P8250024-2W.jpg (21267 bytes)
Pat Taggart
(see footnote 2)
P8250013-2W.jpg (28040 bytes) P8250032-2W.jpg (22636 bytes) P8250016-2W.jpg (37116 bytes)
Zagi Combat
P8250012-2W.jpg (20307 bytes)
Chris Catania
P8250010-2W.jpg (13719 bytes)
Adam Kraut
(see footnote 5)
P8250011-2W.jpg (16505 bytes)
Al Tamburro
P8250040-2W.jpg (12394 bytes)
Rich Bourassa
(see footnote 3)
P8250017-2W.jpg (21418 bytes)
Sam Nevins
P8250018-2W.jpg (32365 bytes)
(see footnote 4)
P8250029-2W.jpg (23719 bytes) P8250041-2W.jpg (16053 bytes)
P8250026-2W.jpg (26620 bytes)
Dave Harding
P8250034-2W.jpg (24378 bytes)
Jack Sugameli
(see footnote 6)
P8250039-2W.jpg (31009 bytes)
Adam Kraut and Rusty Neithammer
P8250023-2W.jpg (20336 bytes)
Ed Berchtold
(see footnote 7)
P8250020-2W.jpg (18160 bytes)
Ed Berchtold
(see footnote 8)
P8250021-2W.jpg (25984 bytes)
Ed Berchtold
(see footnote 8)
P8250022-2W.jpg (21578 bytes)
Bill Groft
(see footnote 8)
P8250027-2W.jpg (34367 bytes)
P8220007-2W.jpg (20008 bytes)
Bill Groft
(see footnote 9)
P8220006-2W.jpg (25830 bytes)
(see footnote 9)
P8220005-3W.jpg (21390 bytes)
(see footnote 9)
P8220004-2W.jpg (24151 bytes)
(see footnote 10)
Footnote 1. Pat Taggart. Balsa USA Taube kit, 90 size. Astro 40; 3:1 super box; 16x10 Master Airscrew; 22 batteries 2000
Footnote 2. Pat Taggart. Beech V-tail Bonanza. House of Balsa kit. Speed 400; Graupner 2.33:1 gearbox; Graupner Cam 9x5 prop; Astro 215D control.
Footnote 3. Rich Bourassa. Round styrofoam. Titanic Airlines 280 motor; 3:1 gearbox; 7x6 prop; 7 batteries 500
Footnote 4. Matthew. Registration and frequency control.
Footnote 5. Adam Kraut. Sky Scooter.
Footnote 6. Jack Sugameli. Super Craft Models.
Footnote 7. Ed Berchtold. Surprise plane. F5B (climb, soar, spot land). Aveox F27L motor; 15x13 prop; 25 batteries 1250 SCR.
Footnote 8. Ed Berchtold discus launching Bill Groft's plane with a Taboo fuselage with Logic wing; gyro by Grand Wing Servo; 555 Hitec receiver; 4 HS55 servos.
Footnote 9. Bill Groft. 1.25X Fast Freddie. Hacker B2-15L brushless motor; 4:1 gearbox; APC 10x4.7 prop; 8 batteries KR600AE; Jeti 18A controller.
Footnote 10. Bill Groft. Fast Freddie plane and prop by Anything R/C.

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