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A group of Propstopper members with an interest in old time models have formed a SIG, Special Interest Group within the Propstoppers and have been awarded a Society of Antique Modelers charter as SAM 76 The Propstoppers.

Some of us want to compete with these Old Timer models at SAM sanctioned contests. These models were originally built to compete for free flight duration following a limited engine run. Many still compete with these models in this way. In eastern Pennsylvania however, it is almost impossible to find a field in which such free flight is possible so we, and many others have converted these models to radio control. In this way the models can still be flown for the maximum duration with a limited motor run but radio control allows us to fly them from our small RC fields. Furthermore, since our fields are located within residential areas, operation of Old Time models with Old Time unmuffled engines is not possible consequently most of us fly these models with electric motor power. Classes for such models are provided under both SAM and AMA competition rules.

Our members have been competing at various Old Timer meets including all the SAM Champs since 2002

In the summer a SAM Old Timer Show and Tell at one of our regular club meetings brought out one of the largest group of Propstoppers in some time. There is considerable interest in Old Time models within the Propstoppers.

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