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About Us

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The Propstoppers RC Model Airplane Club has been in continuous operation for around 60 years. Located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (in the Philadelphia metro region), we are chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) as Club #1042.

We are a radio-controlled sport-flying Club with over 60 members who have a wide variety of interests, including all manner of sport flying like fuel/electric powered airplanes, gliders, helicopters, and multi-rotors.  We also fly First Person View (FPV) “drones”.  The Club operates under officially approved Club Bylaws that are registered with the AMA.e

Please contact us or come out to one of our fields, meetings, or events to see our hobby in action and to meet our very friendly Club members.

Propstoppers enjoy flying outdoors at the Gateway Community Church Field ("CA Field") and the Elwyn Institute Field ("Elwyn Field"), both located in Middletown Township.

We operate only electric-powered
aircraft at the CA Field. It is a cozy, isolated, tree lined field where we usually fly smaller models. This field is located within FAA restricted airspace, due to its proximity to Philadelphia International Airport. Use of this site is restricted to Propstoppers members and supervised guests, by special agreement with the FAA.

We fly both fuel and electric powered aircraft at the Elwyn Field. This field is only experienced flyers to use due to its complex surroundings (Routes 1 and 352 on either side, Elwyn Institute Buildings directly behind).

Both of our outdoor fields are covered by an FRIA issued by the FAA, meaning that Standard Remote ID on aircraft flying at our fields is not required.  However, per the FAA, if an aircraft has Remote ID as standard equipment, it must be used.

Club members also enjoy flying indoors during the cooler months at the Brookhaven Community Center Gymnasium.  This field is limited to smaller/slower electric-only aircraft.  Flying usually follows a social Club breakfast on Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. at the Tom Jones Family Restaurant in Brookhaven.

Flying at any of our fields is for Club members and their guests only.  A current AMA membership is required for all who fly.  New Club members need to pass a check-out flight under the direction of a current member before they can fly unsupervised.

We have many members who are willing and able to act as Instructors for those wishing to start flying or improve their existing flying skills.

Each year we hold several Club meetings and picnics.  Meetings are held at one of the flying fields or virtually.  Picnics are normally held at the Gateway Community Church field, and family members are invited.  See the latest Club newsletter or the Club Events page for the latest information.

We publish a newsletter which contains the minutes of the previous Club meeting, the Club calendar, and various articles of Club interest.  We also have a Facebook Group "Propstoppers R/C Club" where we keep in touch with each other, announce upcoming Club events, invite others to ad-hoc flying, etc.

We have a dedicated group of people who organize and manage Club affairs and an enthusiastic membership who are very willing to share their experience with others.  Flying at our fields is casual but under strict safety rules, and as mentioned before AMA membership  is required.  Instructors are usually available to help the novice flyer or one who is upgrading or trying something different for the first time.  Our senior members include some superb flyers, who are also very helpful.

Won't you join us at the field or a Club meeting?