Becoming a Club Member

As a prospective club member, you will be expected to be familiar with, understand and complete all the steps outlined below. Our Bylaws mandate:

3. Article III - Membership - Becoming a Member Prerequisites for membership shall be:

I. A demonstrated desire to participate in Club activities.

II. Agreement to abide by all Club rules and regulations.

III. Possession of a current Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership.

IV. Attending three Club functions and making themselves known to current Club members present.

V. At least two of the three must be official Club meetings. Others can be impromptu flying or casual events such as Club breakfast gatherings.

VI. Persons wishing to join the Club after completing the above prerequisites must then complete an application form (available from the Membership Chairman) and pay the current year’s dues.

Dues will be prorated by quarters (e.g., if joining in the last 3 months of the year, pay 1/4 of that year’s Club dues). Prorated dues are provided only when first joining. All subsequent membership renewals will be full year terms.


Thank you for your interest in Propstoppers. Attached below is our club application. You can print it out and submit it by mail or scan it and e-mail it back to: Ryan Schurman The address for mail-in application forms is located on the application form.


Before becoming a club member, you will need to join the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) by completing their application. An AMA # must be provided on your club application. To apply to the AMA, our parent organization, use this link:

We also require your attendance at one general membership meeting and that you go out to the fields with a member to make sure you know the rules and flying zones. So we describe this as one meeting and two events.

We also hold a weekly breakfast at Tom Jones in Brookhaven and fly indoors at the Brookhaven Community Gymnasium on Tuesdays. Breakfast is at 9 AM followed by flying at 10.

Our dues are $90 and can be paid on PayPal at: